Year: 2017

  • Helpless Rage

    I guess not. Other than the risk of losing freedom and enduring bodily harm, the biggest detraction from a certain line of work is being looked down on. No one feels they need to be polite or honest. They just don’t show up. That’s why you can break your word and not feel any guilt […]

  • You Might Need a Wet Nurse, For Your Hubby 12/26/2017

    You Might Need a Wet Nurse, For Your Hubby 12/26/2017

    What can she do to avoid nursing her husband? Hire out!

  • You Might Need a Wet Nurse 12/26/2017

    HOW I WOULD UTILIZE A PRO TO PLEASE MY SPOUSE 12/26/17 When I was a young woman I was married to a man over twenty years my senior. He believed his elder status made it appropriate and even necessary to dismiss my immature wishes. I also viewed him as the leader in our relationship as […]

  • Legal Status Diversity 12/23/17

    LegalStatusDiversity When I was growing up I did not like the word diversity, or, more specifically I did not like hearing that diversity was something an institution should seek. I thought it was code for affirmative action in its worst form–admission standards would be lowered to allow people who looked like me to be admitted […]

  • Even Me

    You’re kidding!” exclaimed the client after I told him the name of my alma mater. I had gone to one of the most famous colleges in the world. There was no avoiding the inevitable next question: why are you doing this? No I did not begin or end my academic career with a plan to […]

  • What Is Beauty? 12/21/17

    I had back to back appointments one busy night there was a client who took one look at me and said, “Wow…You’re beautiful. I just want to look at you,” which is what he did from a chair six feet away for an uncomfortable hour. Ninety minutes later I met a client who took one […]

  • Love Between a Pro and Her Client?

    Love Between a Pro and Her Client?

    Many obstacles hinder the formation of relationships. Society imposes restrictions against the mixing of individuals from different castes, for example, avoiding politician would be unlikely to publicly commit to someone who was a known drug addict and who presently engaged in drug using. Drug addiction is stigmatized. On an interpersonal level, people express disapproval. Perhaps […]

  • Unlikely Relationships are Likely

    Yes, association with escorts can protect committed relationships by satisfying the male need for sex with new people. If a man is going to have sex with a non-profesional woman a certain amount of time must be invested to convince a woman that the man likes her on some level. A man does not need […]

  • Of course he was looking at her!

    Women do you think your relationship is in trouble because he looks at other women? Ā Nothing could be further from the truth. After years of encounters with many men I have enough experience to qualify myself as an expert in human sexual relations. Take it from me, it is natural for men to look at […]

  • I get a call at 5:30 a.m. by someone who saw my number on the site that allows providers to post ads free. He wants to see me a short drive away in Waikiki. I have to work out bc a taut body is my best feature. So of course I am late but only by 10 minutes which is enough to have the acquaintance who served as my cab driver fuming. It’s funny to rush somewhere then wait then find out you received directions to wrong hotel then walk up 1.5 blocks then wait then appointment time and hence compensation cut in half. Typical time. Glad to ultimately make it worth my while. But I was definitely glad to take the bus and use my bus pass rather than need a cab!

  • “All Men are not Gay, but I like watching two men”

    November 16, 2017 That is what another working girl said to me a couple of years ago. I would have wanted to be friends with her but when she heard people call me smart and pretty she thought her business would suffer if I was around. She was always ready to undermine my hopes. I […]

  • First Blog post: “All Men are not Gay, but I like watching two men”

    First Blog post: “All Men are not Gay, but I like watching two men”

    This is the 2021 reposting of the first post. I was really on track with the singleness of purpose for the subject matter. I began to stray from the tight focus. Look at the first effort to discuss experience with street life in Honolulu Begin: November 16, 2017 That is what another working girl said […]

  • First blog post

    First blog post

    This is the excerpt for your very first post.