Love Between a Pro and Her Client?

Many obstacles hinder the formation of relationships. Society imposes restrictions against the mixing of individuals from different castes, for example, avoiding politician would be unlikely to publicly commit to someone who was a known drug addict and who presently engaged in drug using. Drug addiction is stigmatized. On an interpersonal level, people express disapproval. Perhaps society embraces a person but the potential in-laws do not like the person. A relationship may be killed before it has a chance to live life. Finally, within a person, shame can hinder the person from pursuing someone no one else objects to, but the individual is shamed of, I don’t know, dating someone so short (totally random adjective). Of course these categories overlap and combine to exert considerable separation pressure. But there is one thing that can overcome any obstacle to a relationship. In fact, without this element no relationship can happen. The element? Time. All time spent with another person is quality time. Enough time spent with another person, and it’s not only possible but probable, that people will forget that it is impossible to have feelings–and they will develop feelings. That’s why prisons, schools, hospitals, etc. need rules forbidding relationships no one on the outside believes can even form.  It is little wonder that most escorts develop complex relationships with people they see regularly. The plot of Pretty Woman plays out all the time, only the people are far less wealthy and attractive. Also, the happy ever after ending is not so pat in real life when a man dubiously contemplates introducing his favorite prostitute to his family. Nevertheless friendships develop and marriages persevere. Households remain peaceful as long as the spouses have a “don’t ask don’t Tell” agreement. Best to let him do what he will with friends and strangers without paying too much distressing attention. Does this idea sound like a caveman talking? Perhaps. But truth is truth, no matter how unpalatable. Hmm…I am assuming people will find my words distasteful…Let is ponder that notion in the days ahead.

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