Do Women Like Each Other?

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thor acknowledges that your experience with people may vary. The Expert Escort realizes she does not always get a broad, representative sample of typical women or men, for that matter. However, the premise of this blog is that the Expert Escort has seen enough people to generate experientially informed (albeit anecdotal) opinion about human sexual nature. One distressing observation is that women do not seem to like each other. One would think women, especially providers, would join ranks and support each other. For example, they could perhaps create a referral service, or share information about problematic clients. That never happens. The next statement might generate controversy, but it must be said:. Sometimes providers act like wives. They get jealous if a client sees another provider. They want to know who he prefers. They will make concerted efforts to squeeze other providers out of a client’s life. These actions might be attributable to tough business competitiveness, but the high level of emotion shows that jealousy is likely a root cause of “inter-provider sabotage.” (This term is newly minted and the prediction is that an entirely new lexicon of terms will arise from this blog).
Today is a good example of a provider trying to undermine e a rival. The Expert was waiting outside of Walmart for a long term regular to arrive and take her and her bicycle to the rendezvous point. Out of the corner of her eye, the expert, also known as HonoluluGirl, saw another.member of the tiny provider community. When the client of 15 years pulled up to the curb and exited his pickup to lift HG’s bike into the bed if the pickup, the rival stumbled out of the curbside shadows. The rival gushed, “Hi! How are you! It’s so good to see you! Happy New Year!” HG, ever polite, said “Happy New Year to you too.”. The rival whipped a milk curdling glare at HG, “I was NOT talking to YOU,” and with that she shook her head and attempted to lock eyes with the client as if to convey the message: if looks could kill…yadda,yadda,yadda”. The client had no interest in females fighting while the women were clothed. He simply got in his truck and HG followed suit. As an expert HG knew what might interest him and she asked if he wanted to drive back and pick up the rival for an actual cat fight. Potentially a good time could be had by all. The client declined with the prediction that HG’s feline would defeat both women in battle.
In truth, the rival probably would have declined to participate in this creative method of time sharing because she wouldn’t want to help another woman succeed financially even if she had to stay broke to undermine this woman. Moreover there was no trust between the women. What would happen if the women could work together with no thought about who is the prettier or more preferred or whatever? Imagine the free flow if delight and dollars. If you cannot imagine this possibility, don’t worry–no one else can picture the scene either

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