Confidentiality for site participants

I want to create a cyberspace that people can find commonality with others. My goal is for people to relate to ideas and attitudes not actual people even though it’s from real events Confidentiality is sacred to me but I reserve the right to use your image or video from the hidden camera in my bedroom.  I am honored that people feel free to share the questions they dare not publicly ask. I want people to tell me about their experiences, thus giving me the answers to questions people dare not publicly ask. In order to enjoy the privilege of accessing info that is beyond private, and sharing that info with you, dear Readers, I must guarantee that people are not identifiable. DISCLAIMER: No post on represents an actual person(s) or situation. My purpose is to provide ideas, not history. All posts are based on actual events that might have happened 18 years ago or an hour ago. Posts are opinions expressed by others and further distanced from reality by my interpretation of what I was told. Further, my interpretations utilize poetic license, which is the author’s prerogative to make changes in stories for creativity’s sake. My interpretations often combine events into one story for convenient telling, and should not be attributed to any one person or event. If you read about a feeling or idea and you agree, or disagree, you are successfully using the site. If you think you know who or what I am talking about, I need to clarify my point. The only truth I stand behind is that the beliefs represented are truly my own.  However I do plan to sell all stories , images, videos and rights obtain from this site to either Private or Public authorities especially if I’m gonna make money or stay out of jail.  If you are interested please call me at 808-367-4278

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