Adult Online Companionship Ads in Hawaii–truly not prostitution

Honolulu, Hawaii – USA Adult Classifieds

The above link is an example of different adult services an interested person may access if he is inclined. Webcams, arrsngements, videography. A person can receive notification that a new post is up on the blockbuster blog http://www.ExpertEscort.2018–Ivy league meets the street.

Whenever I say providers are not selling sex but their time people roll their eyes and say something like “You are just speaking in code because you cannot be upfront about prostitution.” I can understand why people believe I am using slippery language since the adult sex scene can be altogether slippery (pun intended as a clumsy double entendre). Yet, I speak truth when I say sex is not for sale. Today’s internet makes it possible to have intimate contact through the barrier of a screen on a phone or a computer. Some guys find it titillating to get a provider on the phone and schedule an appointment they do not intend to keep. One millenial posted “I really talked to one of them!” as a Facebook milestone. Naturally people have the option of meeting and the additional option of meeting without the exchange of something of perceived value for a sex act. Not to say consenting adults cannot choose sex with online connections. Possibilities are endless. To summarize, simply because a person participates in an adult web site does not necessarily mean the person wants to pay for sex with a real person–although they might want that very thing. Openmindedness is necessary to fit seamlessly into interactive adult sites.

I just had a thought for the future of adult services–holograms! Virtual providers designed to specifications. Going on virtual dates from the privacy of the porn viewing closet. (Men, you know what I mean!) I deam of technological advances that allow the imaginary visions to reach out and touch flesh and blood clients. A world where clients step into porn movies like the kid’s book that told stories of charachters who stepped through a wardrobe into another world.


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