Why the administrator of an adult services site was right to ban a provider’s posts” Part I

Here is the message posted on the Honolulu debate thread of an uber popular adult services site. There are many threads (but no advertising). Mongers get to talk about providers. I have always been one to challenge rules. That is probably why I am so unpopular. I am always trying to gain access to places I have been told were off limits. A guaranteed way to get rejected. Why do I want to prove to myself I am ok by changing people’s minds about me? Even when I win the debate I am not comforted. But I usually do not win by telling people they are wrong. Here was the result October 2017:

“This provider speculates guys who vent like that are being cruel. But take this further, and got to wonder why the guy feels the need to be so disparaging towards the woman. It’s one thing to objectively describe, but totally another to attack and demean.[/QUOTE]He did it because he wants to do it, that’s it, end of story. Because that’s what he felt like saying. It’s also why chicks can’t post on this forum and why that was her last post. (seriously, take note, you’re done posting in this thread) by subtly calling into question his manhood (only guys who aren’t real men, who aren’t strong men feel the need to boost themselves at the expense of women) Over time makes it less likely that men will continue to be honest on this forum.

He said she was a big fat fucking pig because that’s what he thought and this forum is one of the last places that a guy can safely say that a big fat fucking pig is a big fat fucking pig and as far as I’m concerned it’s going to always be a place where guys can call whoever the fuck they want a big fat fucking pig.

Provider, if you take this to PM I will find out about it and I will ban you. If you respond I will ban you. This forum is for men and I will not have you trying to bring that shit in here. If we ever get the new classified site done the guys won’t be on the chick forum so I don’t feel bad telling you that you are done here. Don’t test me, the first time you do you will be banned and whatever you write will be deleted.

This forum isn’t about being fair, never has been, never will be.”

Can I handle the feedback?
Harsh words, harsher reality when you put yourself out there to be criticized

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