Prostitution Helps the Lonely Hearts, and There are a Lot of Those

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I recently read that loneliness is the new smoking. We will suffer the ill effects of isolation physically as well as emotionally. So, it is not just me that has a hard time making friends? I confess I feel relieved at the thought that my unpopularity is not due to any character defect but is an indicator of a society wide problem. (It is nice not to have to take responsibility for personality issues!)  I have made a promise that I will reveal cringingly honest details about hooker life applicable to the world. And, I will say what people dare not admit. For example, I was surprised at how many guys were lonely in addition to horny. They wanted conversation, companionship. But what surprised me more was how lonely I was when I wasn’t working. Sometimes my only social interaction was with the men who paid for my time. How’s that for an embarrassing admission?  Without prostitution in my life to reassure me that I was worthy I felt like the loser 7th grader who didn’t get invited to any of my Jewish classmates’ bar mitzvahs when the other Catholic kids got invited (my section of Long Island in the 1980’s was pretty much either Catholic or Jewish). Well over twenty years later and I was still looking for friends in all the wrong places.  If I wasn’t a whore would anyone want me for any reason for even a limited time?


4 responses to “Prostitution Helps the Lonely Hearts, and There are a Lot of Those”

    • No doubt that’s true. If you have a roadmap or think you might one day have an idea on where to find a roadmap out of those issues, lmk, 😀!


    • I tried being a friend. I found you very interesting compassionate thoughtful & intriguing. & yes very attractive.


      • That sounds great. Thinking someone is attractive is something one mentions more so than admits. There’s nothing wrong with that opinion


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