A Working Girl named “Heaven” has more to say about a little known aspect of “working”

You met Heaven in a previous post about my unpopularity with people just like I was. I am going to let you get to know this thin, white addicted woman below. See if you can spot a contradiction within Heaven’s verbatim text to me. hint: She is proud of not having to do something that most people think she loves doing, but in reality working girl’s hate it.

Heaven, as she is known here at ExpertEscort2018.com is pleased to meet you. I’m sure you have guessed that all names have been changed to preserve the anonymity of the contributors. And by the way, just want to be clear that Harvard University is not in any way affiliated with this blog, the blogs authors, or subjects. The name “Harvard Hooker” was meant as a joke that plays upon alliteration, H and H.  The mocking nickname should not be taken literally because “Harvard” was meant to symbolize the attainment of advanced high status degrees.

Another interesting fact is Heaven and her friend Seth are the ones who invented the appellation “Harvard Hooker” and they bandied the term about when I was out of earshot. Heaven is the one who told me about it after a state with Seth were in a fight. Just so you get to know having a little bit better, she is in her late twenties and is of medium height. pretty much all women are good looking at that age and she is no exception. Heavrn just short of pretty, very cute, like the women in porn who aren’t quite up for mainstream films. Wow, that sounds catty of me, even though I am going to insist I’m trying to create a picture. Shoulder length dark hair and a skinny body without curves probably made her a hit in the mainland where she says she is from. Skinny isn’t such a big deal here. I know nothing of the work she says she does but white providers are rare in a provider world that is largely Asian (at least in the parlors) so I imagine she has does well.

When I first met her she only smoked ice out of a good quality glass Pyrex brand pipe. No Pyrex doesn’t make pipes. Addicts make them with a acetylene torch using Pyrex glass. Inexplicably, Heaven hung out with people who sold black tar heroin, or “boy.” I never knew why she chose to join up with this group. The results were predictable. She too began smoking boy off of foil and moved on to shooting boy. Her 48 year old Uber driver friend Seth has criticized her for “pushing the needle on people” who did not use needles prior to her influence. He had no moral questions about his penny ante sales of biiy to teenagers and even one minor. He did not think his own smoking was “really” using. One of my admittedly few rules was I never introduced people to new drugs or new methods of using drugs. But Heaven and Scott had no reservations.and lived with themselves just fine. I wish my small area if restraint made me Superior to them but I knew it didn’t because I had my own failings.

An older man who was one a prominent business man throughout Hawaii had served as the source of her supply. Serious difficulties are inevitable in the dope world and when Brian developed serious difficulties heaven was scrambling for money. Her solutiin was attempted extortion of yours truly. I received a slew of texts from Heaven and her “garut” Seth. Garut is local slang for a person who serves as a lowly personal servant to someone socially superior. The previous day she had given me a ride to the Pacific Marina to meet a client. The Pacific Marina is a hotel by the airport that addicts found appealing because it was less exorbitant than other hotels. She refused my standard $20 offered payment for the ride for reasons that would be clear later on. I I correctly thought she felt guilty about her erratic driving and rude behavior, including an accusation that I had somehow drugged her with something when I got back into the car after Safeway. I had let her sleep off her intoxication for a few minutes and she had awken with a start in the driver’s seat and glared at me while asking me the ridiculous question. I was incredulous that she could think I would waste dope on her (well, I didn’t know the actual poison she had in mind). She dropped me off three minutes later and three hours after that she texted an apology for her behavior.

Heaven’s increasing anger is directly proportional to the growing severity of her habit

Garut Seth and Heaven came up with a plan they put in motion the following day. Suddenly I was re-accused of drugging her (again, means unspecified) in order to steal hundreds of dollars, the amount just happened to be the same amount she knew I had been paid. She claimed she discovered after I roused her in Safeway’s parking lot, but only admitted the truth if my theft after Seth counseled her. After hours of vulgar messages from the two of them I noted her desperation. Her word for word reply is below. See if you can spot the irony in her words. Hint, often providers are paid for certain things but it is a point of pride for providers to avoid this thing. What do providers brag about avoiding?

I am am far far from desperate hunny ask Seth Devin or who ever they will all tell you I get money sent to my bank every day for a grip off people who take care of me that I don’t even have to see and regardless what you think you know Brian and I rarely ever have sex and about every other day if not every day he gives me any where from 200-700$ atleast it was the principle I don’t like thieves and I hate people who disrespect my personal space I’ll never switch up

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