Are we at war with Mexico and i just don’t know it?

Stay back! You are not welcome! There will be no warning shot fired.

We must be at war with Mexico. Throughout history walls were built to keep invading armies out. I admit i have no personal knowledge about how bad the illegal immigration situation is with Mexico. Kind of ironic but almost everywhere they are entering illegally used to be Mexico until the U.S. took the land. Should we be afraid Mexico will decide turn about is fair play and wrest the land from imperial America?

My real fear is that this whole border wall promise is part of a backlash against having a black man as president. I worry that Trump’s unspoken campaign message was “we are getting rid of the n****r, and we don’t want some b***h for president. Elect me and I will take an outrageous public stand against letting in dark skinned people.” We are getting deep into this government shut down over an issue that no one had ever spoken of before Trump–a trumped up problem. And it worries me because I look more like the people Trump wants out, than I look like Trump. Are we on a slippery slope with Trump? If we let him build the wall are we appeasing him like Hitler was appeased. Is the border wall Trump’s Poland?

When Obama was elected that was a day of joy and new hope in heretofore unimaginable possibilities. I was running the streets and I knew nothing about him as a person but I was ovejoyed at his election. I felt like I had somehow been personally affirmed. Everyone I asked agreed with me. No one thought we would ever see the day that there would be a black president in the United States. Sure, we thought it was possible, like travel to Mars is possible in theory but you don’t expect to really see it in your lifetime. It was the first time in my life that I truly believed that as a black person there were no limits to what I could do in the United States. I had been unaware I had been weighed down by an unacknowledged feeling of limitation, but the unfamiliar lightness of being on election night 2008 could not be denied. I really could do anything. Even me! Black adults always said do when i wad a kid but they did not really believe it (Chris Rock has a good bit about this). Now, I was superwoman.

I experienced a ratification of sorts with Obama’s election

I called my older black friend from the county jail on Oahu, the Oahu Community Correctional Center, (called O triple C) election night 2008. My friend had been a medic in Vietnam. I said to him “happy election day.” And he responded “we’ve just seen it all we’ve seen tsunamis, we’ve seen New Orleans underwater, we’ve seen planes crashing into buildings, and now we’ve seen a black president.”

Now look Just look. How did we get here? Thoughts of Hitler and my president in the same mental conversation? I never imagined that a few years later we would be building wall to keep brown people out out, or perhaps, to imprison people within.

I have a new fear I never had before. I am genuinely fearful about the personal impact of national politics on my life and the lives of my fellow citizens. If this wall impasse is not racially motivated why haven’t we even discussed a northern wall between us and Canada. I am glad to be some distance from the deep, murderous racism of the mainland, but I’m still on Earth, and therefore, vulnerable.

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