“All Men Are Gay”

That’s what one of my associates said. “All men are gay,” Mandee would reiterate when telling stories of her past. She was an adriot storyteller, so it was always fun to listen. I like the word associate, because it is more accurate than the word friend. In Mandee’s case I liked her but she didn’t reciprocate the affection. She didn’t mind my company so when I came around she’d talk and I listened to learn stuff. Even without pre-existing barriers to friendship, there appears to be a distance between women, especially providers. It is very rare to find working girls who are friends with each other rather than rivals. I look at the sites that encourage discussion among men about different providers, and they are very popular with men. Men can help each other get laid. But it seems that women cannot assist each other in a common cause. I wonder if it because it is because it is true that all men are gay.

Mandee believes the bond between men is based on a shared secret that they all know but never say, not even to each other. Mandee said every man she knew had had sex with other men, and they reveal that fact in private to working girls no one would believe even if they tried to tell. Mandee explained the process. It starts when they are young boys, like pre-teenagers. and they don’t have access to women so they play with each other. It’s never talked about outside of the locker room (or wherever) but it certainly does happen. When they grow up they get with other men, who might be dressed as women, and therefore they don’t really count it as homosexual. Or they have encounters with men who are definitely dressed as men and they both consider themselves heterosexual. Since they both call themselves “straight” the sexual contact doesn’t “count.” As for sex with mahus (pronounced MA hoo), my former associate’s belief is that men embrace other men dressed like women as a type of rejection of genetic females, a way to say, “there’s nothing you do and nothing you have that we can’t improve upon.” Yes, there is the issue of reproduction, but if you consider how much sex a person has, it is relatively rare that people really want pregnancy. Therefore, the true need for heterosexuality is mostly irrelevant.

I did some research on the subject of the hidden world of men having sex with men even though all of them self identify as straight. I have to say that it is much more common than I ever imagined. If I hadn’t fallen in love with a man who was bisexual I never would have considered male homosexuality. Like Mandee he did not reciprocate my affection for him, but for a different reason, lol. I started exploring this hidden world because I was looking for a loophole, a way into his heart. I didn’t find one but I will share my adventures with you over time.

I went for an HIV test here in Honolulu. The person giving the test was what they call a mahu. I hope that term mahu is not derogatory, and if I learn that it is, then I will substitute the proper word instead of mahu, just so you know. Well, as we wait for the results of the finger prick test to come back the person asked me how many men have you had sex with that you believe have had sex with other people. I thought about it and I responded “I cannot say that everyone does everything. But based upon my research I have to say most of the men I’ve had sex with other men.” She looked at me with total surprise. And I say “she” because here in Hawaii if a person self-identifies as a mahu who everyone else follows suit. Compared to mainland United States, defining oneself according to one’s own preference is practically accepted. She looked at me with amazement and replied “you are a wise woman.”

More on this popular subject coming soon.

Caroleena Renee, January 20, 2019 10:20 p m. Hawaii time

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  1. I read about 7 of your posts so far and this one has made me click away. I don’t know how things are in Hawaii, but here in the mainland straight me are not secretly gay. It’s absurd to even think such a thing and your “proof” is more absurd than the statement. Not to mention, insinuating that a mentally ill person’s agreement with the idea is proof tat it’s true is nothing less than ridiculous. What, are trannies all-of-a sudden omniscient gods? I must’ve missed the memo on that one!

    It’s like a man saying all women are gay because they are more comfortable undressing in front of each other than men usually are. Not to mention, they can spend hours in a restroom together, which obviously means they are having sex, and most likely orgies with any and every woman that wanks through the restroom door. And it’s not rape because, of course, secretly, all women are gay fiends who are constantly looking for it whenever and wherever they can get it – even in a public restroom with their face kissing a tampon vending machine. And it’s true because tranny Josephine with the 5-o’clock shadow said so with absolute certainty!

    Sound absurd? It is.

    Just because men help each other get laid does not mean they want to have sex with each other, or that they do. That is completely asinine. Men help each other to get laid because, for a man, it’s pretty hard to get laid (without paying an escort or hooker). That why most of them (thought not all) look for hookers and escorts. It’s pretty obvious but I guess it’s not obvious to women who live in a fantasy world, and obviously trannies who work at HIV testing centers.

    The reason you and your associate think that men are secretly gay is because it is a fantasy of yours for them to be, for whatever reason, positive or negative. There’s a psychological term for that, but it eludes me at the moment.

    What a completely outrageous, baseless claim!


    • I had no idea that men consciously help each other get laid. Now that is interesting. Is it like a camaraderie thing, something that builds bonds? Or is there an element of rivalry. I guess if I think about sitcoms there is a lot of joking about men helping each other get laid and I never caught it, just as I never noticed that absence of that female effort. I should have a standard disclaimer that everything I say is my opinion and not based on any statistically valid research, only anecdotal observations. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough that I don’t believe that all members of a group could be anything. And, since I have met very few people compared to the number of people who exist, have existed and will exist, so everything I say should be seen through the filter of “personal opinion.” I suppose my surprise is when I was growing up, homosexuality wasn’t even on the radar until AIDS appeared out of nowhere, or so it seemed, and then people who never would have been aware of the existence of gay people were surprised to learn that homosexuality happened. I had had the idea that it was rare. So I guess I was amazed to find out how much experimentation had taken place among people who would never self identify as gay. But what is more of an admission is that I used the quote “all men are gay” not because I 100% believe what I was told but as an eye catcher. I am honored that you took so much time and effort to write a lengthy comment and I appreciate that something I wrote made you think. That is one of the highest compliments I can get. Alright, I don’t want people to think “she’s such an idiot,” I admit, but when it comes to stirring thoughts something is better than nothing. And even if you do exit thinking I’m an idiot maybe you’ll go on to develop your thinking and it will make a difference in your life when you are in a decision making position (or whatever).
      I could’ve just said thank you but brevity often eludes me. lol


    • I am pleased to have provoked such thought. Thank you for spending your time. I wonder, as I reread your comment, who is mentally ill? You say someone is but I don’t know who you are referring to. I would like to say that if a person has a mental illness, the person’s opinion is valid, unless they have a break with reality. I confess that im still working out how to use WordPress and I’m not sure who sees the comments. Maybe WordPress just added this feature that makes comments so accesible to the blogger, I don’t know. I hope my words find you to continue our discussion. And your views are interesting. I want to highlight them in a post. If you’re still reading, hope you’ll see it! Caroleena


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