What if Racists in The Media Weren’t Fired?

Someone called the new baby prince a chimp or chimp-like or whatever. He has African ancestry, but you’d never know by looking. That’s a different conversation. Look, we know the racism is inevitable. The question wasn’t, if something would be said, but–what, when, and by whom? Feigned shock is so played. I have a new response. Don’t fire public figures, that’s been done to death. Keep offenders in place, and let us point and stare, en masse. Public shame is one of the best tools of social control. Want to change things? Make it impossible for offenders to hang their heads or hide their faces. People would watch their mouths if their words hung in the air around them–Figuratively speaking, or even literally. With the skillful application of special effects, viewers could see the offensive language swirling around the person.  Let’s have some fun. We know what’s coming. Let’s prepare a unique response. Anyone with me?  Utterances stay with me, and society, as memories, after the noise transitions from sound to thought life. I’d like to give as good as I get. Let them know how it feels to be trapped with those words. Can there be empathy without revenge?

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