The Honolulu Police Department Organized a Prostitution Sting. The Outcome Will Amaze You

The year was 2001

People think women have to be high to engage in prostitution. Wrong. I was engaging in prostitution bc I couldn’t get high. I hit Kukui Street in downtown Honolulu with a little prayer, ” God if you are there and if you care, please don’t let me get caught, please let me make enough money for dope, p.ease do t let me get hurt, and please forgive me for that being the order of importance of my desires. As usual in those fays, a white SUV pulled over for me within a minute according to the cheap digital watch I had stolen out of another working girls bag in the apartment of one of the guys who let us go,a over in exchange for dope.

Applying What I Knew

I had been taught by my street mentor that the crime was in the verbal agreement not in the exchange of money. I did as she taught me. I asked for a ride as I got I to the vehicle and didn’t say anything other than, “do you know where you want to go?” The guy, mid 30’s brown skinned Polynesian/Asian, said he knew a spot and we drove at an easy pace for like 5 minutes. I was a little nervous because we weren’t going to any of the usual spots but we’re straying a bit too far into the neighborhood called Kalihi, kind of low income and a bit far of a walk back in high heels without pantyhose. I was comforted by his silence because he wasn’t trying to push me into agreeing to do a specific sex act for a specific amount of money. Then, out of nowhere, he asked a question that was easy for me to answer honestly and would be more important than I Knew in the moment

I f×××××× hate cops. Don’t you?

Man who picked me up when I was looking for a “date”

The Truth About My Feelings Towards Law Enforcement

I don’t hate cops! Every time video is shown of the World Trade Centers coming down you see everybody running away while the police are running towards the buildings. The bible says that like, the love of Jesus, giving your life for other people. Its an honorable job–when it’s done honorably.

Caroleena, sharing her appreciation for the police, in spite of circumstances putting her in opposition to law enforcement.

My Heart Dropped to my Knees

Just then, as abruptly as the guy had asked the question another white SUV pulled even with the drivers side window, using the (luckily) empty lane meant for oncoming traffic. The blue police light was clearly on. The blue light, the car Bri g the same type of car, and that driver going the wrong way down the street with impunity meant only one thing. I would be you g to jail for the first time. I was riding with an undercover. My stomach felt the way it did on the downwards section of a roller coaster. I hated that feeling.

My guy rolled down his window. “That’s ok,” he called across the empty passenger side of the uniformed cop’s SUV. “Not this one.” And just like that, the other cop sped off. No one can wave away the poli e but another officer. But whaaat..?

“I will take you anywhere you need to go,” my driver said to me as he handed me $20. The well mannered guys always give you something for your time if for whatever reason they don’t go through with the date. My answer to his question had won me good will I decided to utilize.

“Right here is perfect,” I said because I wanted to get out off there even though I was like, a mile away, by Tamashiro Market. But first, ” Do you have any advice for me?”

I could see he was already focussing on the next prospective arrest. His eyes were scanning the street, his hand tapping on the steering wheel with barely concealed impatience. But he liked me, I could tell. “Be careful out there, especially this weekend. You might want to make a change overall.”

I reflected on what had happened on the walk back to the spot where guys would be looking for women standing on the street scanning oncoming traffic. That question must’ve been the signal to his partner. They probably expected me to agree, the way people with normal social skills tended to be agreeable when attempting to curry favor and get some money. But my lack of social skills actually worked for me. I didn’t ave the expected point of view and I was totally cool with disagreeing, believing questions were meant to elicit my opinion, rather than tactics for establishing bonds.

But in this case, the joke would have been on me, had I been in possession of basic social skills. I could just imagine him saying, ” So you hate cops? Surprise!” I had gotten in the car and though I’d done nothing wrong, a judge probably wouldn’t care about my side. Thankfully, it didn’t come down to a judge. Not that time, anyway.


Just goes to show, you need to be careful throughout the whole interaction, even after you want to relax and think it’s all good. When engaging in high risk behavior, there’s no such thing as relaxing. That’s probably the lure.

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