YouTube Link “Luxury Escorting in Waikiki” July 24, 2019

There were days spent being driven between luxury accomodations, $100’s falling out of everywhere. Just not every day!

One day we will look back on this video and smile to ourselves about how far we have come. I view us, you dear Readers and me, as in this blog journey together, presenting the stories of the Harvard hooker in Honolulu to the world. Me writing and remembering and progressing. You guiding and supporting and “liking” and “following.” Stay with me so that you can enjoy the success we are destined for. You’ll one day tell people visualizing success along with the footwork really does work! In the meantime, watch this video and support my efforts. I thank you for your kind patience and loyalty. Lol.

Don’t worry, there is some history to be seen in he video t gives a quick glimpse of my favorite ocean front hotel! I talk about the days of escorting out of the phone book. More on that subject to come.

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