Ever Have A Great Sex Fantasy Ruined When the Woman in Your Fantasy Wants to Talk?

I am going to demonstrate the cringing i promised to deliver: Pretending to care about a woman before, during, or after sex sometimes ruins a sexual experience. Not always. Don’t get me wrong, I know you have had relationships that are not sexually lopsided. Give and take. Mutual respect. Within the confines of this relationship sex is a joint effort…the beautiful union of two souls becoming one flesh… yadda, yadda, yadda.

Let’s get ack o the raw a ugly truth that’s so nteresting when you re the one required to proffer it. You don’t always feel like sharing and caring. There are other sex partners, or different points in time with the same wonderful sex partner, that you want sex to be all about you. You want to 86 giving and focus on taking. You want what you want without having to earn it beforehand with kindness and listening. You want to enjoy yourself during the act without having to care how your partner is feeling. You want to get the hell out of there when you’re through without the obligatory snuggle. You don’t care if you never see this person again and you don’t want to pretend otherwise. If it could be this way in the morning, in the evening, ain’t we got fun?

My contention is that one reason men hire sex workers is to make sex an act of unspoiled selfishness. It (almost) goes without saying that a guy must secure permission from the provider to do a particular thing or things. I have never tolerated or advocated sexual coercion or humiliation, real or simulated, FYI. After he meets his obligation of unambiguous consent he can enjoy sex for one of the least taxing costs, the one time payment for an uninterrupted set period of time devoted exclusively to his sexual gratification. He can worship the idol of his exclusive sexual pleasure. No ruinous requests for attention from someone else (what is that–someone else?)

There’s no one here, on this page but us. In this corner of the internet it is ok to admit that sometimes it is more enjoyable to use person’s body rather than dealing with said person as a human with a soul. Hiring a provider is a harmless, even mutually beneficial way to satisfy an urge that is quite common. One purpose of this site is to create a space where people can discover the desires they think are sick secrets are really normal. Previously, there was no way to know you were one of the gang and not a sexual deviant. I hope this post brings enlightenment.

I had a friend who used to describe this urge with his personal slogan:

Fun is not always a team sport

My late friend who was unnecessarily plagued by self-condemnation due to the erroneous belief others did not share his desires

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