When a man sees a woman in revealing clothes, this is what he hears

“This body is for you”

That’s the message a man gets when he sees a woman in revealing clothes. A variation on what a man hears with his groin is often:

“This body could be for you”

Another statement his groin makes to the man’s brain is:

“This body is up for grabs.”

The next step is to take action.  He sees something he likes and the next step is where men and women diverge.  That’s when the trouble begins.  He sees what he likes and he takes action to try to obtain the use of the body for his pleasure.  He does not end his assessment with a view and a thought, a man does something about a woman in skimpy clothes and he believes that her style of dress indicates that she wants him to make a move.  I for one, had no idea I was making an offer I was in no way prepared to back up.

I remember being a young girl, like say 13, and  enjoying the thrill of receiving obvious male attention for the first time that I ever noticed. Looks. Comments. Crude remarks I pretended not to like. He thinks I’m cute, I believed, and I was right. I did not know that for the man, the interaction wasn’t necessarily over for him when it was over for me.  Yes he thought I was cute, but having established that fact, he was past considering my appearance and on to the next logical male decision:

A man sees bare skin and he automatically wants to have it. For at least a slice of a second, the reptilian brain rules

Help yourself

That’s what a man hears and that is what he tries to do to the utmost.

Thirteen year old girls often feel adults are being ridiculous when they scold the girls for wearing skimpy clothing. That is because young girls do not understand what adults know.  No grown up ever explains that the sight of a breast causes the man to, perhaps, picture the girl on her knees for an uncomfortably painful period of time, servicing him in a way she did not know people truly practiced.  No one tells her the bald truth of the message they are unwittingly putting out there for all to see.

I never fully understood why women were accused of “asking for it” based upon how they were dressed if they became rape victims. Then I figured it out. Women accused of “asking for it” were in fact being scolded for breaking a promise they freely made. Once a woman says yes or is perceived to have said yes, it is almost impossible for her to withdraw that consent without repercussions. The least of these repercussions is criticism from society. But the repercussions could be as serious as having their change of heart disregarded and worse still, physical punishment for “teasing. ”

Ironically, many women never explain to an adolescent the inferred promise of bare skin and the danger that all too often follows.  Yet, these women angrily expect other females to know what they didn’t even know at that age. Older women are sometimes certain adolescent girls are offering their bodies when really all the girl wants is attention and a new titillating sort of acclaim. I have known grown women blaming daughters for their husband’s, her step father’s, sexual advances.  All too often women side with their husbands against their daughters in a step father triangulation, as if it’s three people on equal footing.  More on this sad fact later.

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  1. Something else I’ve considered extensively. It’s our damn culture…..Polynesians ran around naked for centuries, Hawaiians before the cursed missionaries came. Imagine a society where uninvited touching was a fatal taboo, but sex play between children was considered normal. Sorry, the major ills regarding sex in our society can be directly linked to patriarchy and religion. And consequently, physical and mental health, and our disgusting contempt for nature.


    • What society are you referring to that considers uninvited touching a taboo? Just curious


  2. Loved reading it.plz share ur views on my blog meenawalia.com.I am new to this and ur inputs will be highly appreciated.Thanks


    • thank you so much for taking the time to read my writing. i still haven’t tipped over into the success i believe i could have if i knew better how to promote the blog and knew things i don’t know I don’t know. i want to form a network of bloggers who support each other with suggestions, whatever. and yes i will go to your blog.

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      • Absolutely.count me in and let me know how I can help if there is a way the network can be formed.


      • right now it is a network of two, the two of us that is, but there is no other way to start but to take it from the beginning. I am believing that this blog of mine will reach a tipping point through some means I have yet to identify and it will become a household name and you will have been here from the start! this might not be a great offer yet but i know that the people who received stock in Google before it got big were unimpressed at the time, but now they are wealthy, similarly–yadda yadda yadda. I suppose i would ask you what you particularly liked, what i should do more of. I am going to introduce a new feature and after i do i will want your feedback, if you would care to give it. i am beyond grateful for your correspondence!

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      • Would love to give the feedback dear.And yes,when your blog reaches the top,I would put my collar up and boast that I know you and probably we will even become net friends bu then.
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      • Ha ha ha. Good luck with that. After 3 years my blog is an absolute failure, and it seems to have something to do with social media. As I said, your’s is unique, and timely, and important, and relevant……it’s even titillating! You should do well, and don’t give up!


      • Why do you declare your blog a failure. I only expected one reader (me) and I only hoped for two (me and someone who randomly stumbled upon it. I know it is trite but truly if you have one other person reading your work and it’s not an assignment, that’s something. Trite but true. What’s your blog? I will check it out. Im convinced collaboration is key and I want to reach out to all people who have commented before this goes viral and the number of people commenting is too large!


  3. Not sure about this one. I teach at a high school where the girls have no dress code. They often wear shorts so short their fannies hang out. HS girls always wear bras but their tops can often be minimal. Its quite the fashion now to show bra straps. Boys and male teachers are expected to be oblivious to this type of dress as if the girls were wearing . Any kind of comment or stare can be grounds for expulsion or being fired. If any kind of comments is made is off to “MeToo” land.

    Grade schools are usually more restrictive…no mini straps etc.

    On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 7:12 AM Respectable X-Escort wrote:

    > Respectable X-Hooker Social Analyst posted: ” “This is for you” That’s > the message a man gets when he sees a woman in revealing clothes. A > variations: “This could be for you” Underlying theme: “Up for grabs” i > remember being a young girl enjoying the thrill of getting male attention > for the fi” >


    • the mention of “male teachers” surprised me. it made me realize that i automatically expect adults to be appropriate. i remember being in 4th grade and being shocked that the bus driver did not intervene with the racist bullies who tormented me bc i thought adults had one standard of adult acceptability and I see that i still believe this is the case although i was quite unaware of this assumption. but on the other matter, i wonder how many of those girls knew what guys think they are offering. i bet they would be really appalled if they saw the role they played in the guys’ fantasies. how do we tell females who think attention seeking ends with attention received. how do we educate females that they might have put a series of events in motion.


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