Sex Standards That Are Short and Sweet


My involvement is limited to : Consenting, Conscious, Adult, Homo Sapiens (humans). Anyone in this group is potentially suitable.



Significant others of friends

No Real or Simulated Violence or Humiliation.

No Bodily Waste.

These standards apply to what I will and will not do with other people, who I will or will not watch or allow to observe me, and what I will and will not watch/listen to in the form of live performances, recorded amateur/professional pornography, audiotapes, stories about past experiences and/or fantasies


I have had to define my standards as situations developed in life. I suppose everyone goes through a process of figuring out their own personal moral code in the fullness of time. Every one of these standards emerged as a result of a choice I had to make when someone presented me with something he wanted to do–with me. I have truly had to take the following positions:

No, I cannot find you a five year old child for your amusement. No I don’t want to watch the video of the dog having it’s anal glands expressed again, and yes, I am highly annoyed at you for springing that on me. No, I don’t want to hear about the lady and the horse you saw on your vacation in Mexico. No, I will not “hang out” with you if your girlfriend is not there. No, I do not want to see how Japanese porn degrades to women. No, you cannot go with me into the bathroom. No, do not share your fantasies about your sister with me. No, I will not install secret cameras without the consent of people who enter my space for your secret voyeuristic pleasure.


Caroleena’s real life statements to would-be violaters of her moral code

Consenting and conscious adult, unrelated humans is a pretty broad standard. I’m no prude. I don’t believe I need government intervention in any form. I might add to my restrictions but I won’t remove any item from the list. Opinions?

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