The Professional Liar is Always at Work–Working on you.

Be Aware–or if you are dealing with an unkind person, Beware–if you have someone in your life who lies as regularly as he breathes, the depth of the dishonesty will astound you. Let me illustrate my point with this little story:

I lived with a boyfriend who sold a product very much in demand by his circle of associates. People were always calling and demanding he appear, product in hand, five minutes ago. In order to appease the demands of the unreasonable he would say anything to get them off his back. I can’t tell you how many times we were laying in bed together and while he told the upset person on the other end of the line

“Dammit, I didn’t make the light. No matter what I do I always end up stuck at the red light here. That’s because there’s a left turn signal at this intersection….Look at this woman in front of me, why isn’t she turning..? There’s nothing I hate more than sitting twice through a light…Looks like there’s some kind of accident up ahead and all the rubberneckers have to slow down to get a look at nothing…You should go back upstairs. I will call you as soon as I turn onto your street. No point in waiting in the heat.”

dodging obligations while maintaining the peace often requires dishonest answers to honest questions

I thought I was special. It never occurred to me that he would lie to me. Lying was something for other people, not for US. I thought I was part of a “WE” but there was really only just “ME.” I found out he viewed me as part of the rest of the world when I discovered bags from McDonald’s. I was shocked, and yes, hurt.

You told me you went to Jack in the Box. You didn’t go to Jack in the Box you went to McDonald’s. Why would you lie to me about that?

Caroleena, on the verge of understanding her liar

Without missing a beat my boyfriend, soon to be my ex, but I didn’t know it then, responded:

The artist must practice his craft.

the liar

He was almost out the door of our relationship so he did not honor me with the peacekeeping lie. The ultimate truth about him was there was no truth in him. So when you deal with someone who lies to other people all the time,be aware that you should not believe anything he says for reasons that make no sense to you– until you understand that what he will do to other people, he will do to you. Liars are solitary people who sacrifice everyone for “me” and reject the possibility of forming a “WE.” do not embrace the notion of “we” but clearly understand “them.”

3 responses to “The Professional Liar is Always at Work–Working on you.”

  1. They are people with severe inferiority complex and need to lie constantly to validate themselves.
    I think they also fear losing people if all saw their real self.poor self confidence does this to many of us.
    Lovely post.Thanks for sharing


  2. They are people with severe inferiority complex and need to lie constantly to validate themselves


    • thank you so much! i have gone over all the possible reasons people might lie, including inferiority complexes, but my interest now is in the lies that make no sense whatsoever to me bc the mode of thinking is entirely different from anything i might recognize as logical. i have seen people who lie to fit in with whoever they are with–yes, I too went to Harvard or yes, I I went through the astronaut training program last summer, etc…and i wonder with these people to what extent they believe themselves… kinda random musings going off of what you wrote!


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