2019 YouTube Video: Fighting Cocks and hookers doing “car dates” in this Honolulu park that’ll be repurposed in 2020

Part II Secret Street Sex–Kaka’ako Park, Honolulu, island of Oahu, Hawaii

The above YouTube Link shows addiction, prostitution, gambling, top dollar tourist attractions, and natural paradise if you know what you’re looking at. Caroleena narrates brief YouTube clip full of apparent contradicting elements: a feral chicken colony descended from fighting cocks turned wild that were raised then released by gamblers, luxury accomodations and eateries, a parking lot great for working girls to turn tricks in the same vehicles that picked them up (“car dating”), great environmental beauty in a beach popular with surfers and photographers, and one of Honolulu’s ever-present homeless encampments.

Fighting cocks, working girls and tricks, thieves, homeless people, surfers, tourists, photographers are usual Kaka’ako Park occupants. This Sunday 04/19/2020 medical professionals and sick people will temporarily join them for COVID-19 testing open to symptomatic people only.
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