If you are brainwashed into believing it is ok to sexualize little girls, this next sentence will shock you


Instead beauty pageants that require little girls to parade one by one in bikinis and makeup (as if to appeal to hetero men), let’s take little boys and dress them in speedos (as if to appeal to homosexual men).

Are you shocked? Me too. We have been brainwashed.

The idea of little boys presenting their bodies to adult gay men appalled me but the idea of little girls presenting their bodies to adult straight men merely irked me. Why don’t I have the same gut response to little girls presenting themselves? I know we all remember the high profile murder of the child beauty queen in Colorado, so we have all been exposed to pictures of little beauty queens. I used to feel simple disapproval of pix of her dressed as a Vegas showgirl, for one example. But I wasn’t horrified. But a little boy dressed as a Chippendale dancer–no, the very thought is awful, unnatural. Is it because I have seen adult women presenting themselves like that all of my life? Sure!  No harm in women looking sexy. Not only did I accept women as one part sex object, I very much wanted to be objectified. Not all the time, not by everyone, but yes, I wanted to have moments when I was nothing but desirable. If I, a pretty intelligent woman, could embrace objectifying women or myself when I choose, how can I cry “foul”  as men choose to leer? We have all been taught that’s one appropriate way to look at a female.

My point is that sometimes women have a double standard. We expect men to reject that which we women don’t really find offensive, if we are truly honest. I don’t cut men slack about rape, no way. But expecting them not to look at what’s been on display all of our lives, that’s unreasonable. The only enlightened people would be those as horrified by little girls in bikinis as little boys in speedos. I doubt there are many people in that camp after a lifetime in American culture.

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