How do I know if my escort/provider really likes me. Point 1

She knows your name

Contrary to what I have read on an internet discussion blog, providers do not call men “Honey” because the word rhymes with money. They call every guy Honey because they do not learn the guys’ names. There really is no point in learning a guy’s name because she may never see him again. Or if she does see him again, it won’t be that often. Also she is well aware of how he speaks about her online, hiding behind one or more screen names. She is sure he is unlikely to speak highly of her when he hooks up with his friends in person. what’s most common is that he doesn’t speak of her at all, but she knows what he thinks of her, what society in general thinks of her. So she doesn’t put herself out there. But if she actually calls you by your name, whatever you wanted to be called, she has taken the unusual step of getting to know you as a person, and she actually remembers something you told her about yourself. She is letting her natural femininity peek through, instead of trying for the detached male approach to sex that demands anonymity. So if she calls you by your actual name– you’re in there!

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