Real pic from my life of Warning sign there’s a scammer in our midst

Providers, be wary of going forward with a new client if he is sexually vulgar or even just graphic from the get-go. You must wonder why a working girl should be concerned about sexual remarks. Isn’t sex the objective?

Counterintuitive as it may seem: If a woman is going to get with a guy for sex and he makes a sexual remark when they are working out the details, either by phone or in person, it is trouble. But why? If the encounter is going to be for sex? Men, if you will allow me to generalize without proof, pretty much always hope an encounter will lead to sex. Unless he is really distracted by life altering events, he has half a mind on sex. But the only time he will reveal the crude notions in his mind to a woman he does not know is if he does not respect her.

Men believe they are doing women a favor by lying to them about their true sexual natures. If they do not put on a polite front, then she is not worth lying to and that man is trouble for a woman, including a hooker who is going with a man to turn a date.

A man laughing at a woman he does not know well is a bad sign that they are not sharing the joke

If I received a text from a guy that’s crude, I know one or more of the following things are true:

  • He will stand me up
  • He will try to withhold payment
  • He will attempt to set me up to get me in trouble, whatever trouble looks like for me
  • He will take back the money

Check out below ⤵️the text I received yesterday from a blog follower. This message is a great example of someone who is not really planning to see me, or if we met, I would totally regret it. If you are wondering why I am not used to this sort of vulgarity given my past, I must point out that the vast majority of men do not text me in such a fashion no matter what they wanted. Surprising, isn’t it?

Experience has taught me to ignore this person bc he is just a thief of time. Men truly interested in meeting or talking are never vulgar, even if the basis of our contact is sexual.
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