Why we should welcome vulgar remarks, according to the expert–me

People do not have to care what I think. Society dismisses me once they learn of my past. There’s no such thing as “I was a hooker long ago.” People look at me as if what ever negative I was, is. People do not feel the need to be nice to me if they’d rather not. They don’t try to impress me. They do not worry I might share their secrets because a.people are unlikely to believe me and b. no one cares what I say anyway. The unexpected benefit:

People feel totally free to be fearlessly genuine in front of someone who can inflict no judgment.

Caroleena, The Expert Escort

Imagine total freedom to be your truest self: saying what you think, being polite only when you want to be nice…Confiding in someone about your marriage, your secret sex life, anything at all. Who would listen to me even if I was inclined to talk? What’s more, I’m smart. Maybe I will have real knowledge about the rarity of their fetishes.

I welcome vulgar comments, mostly bc I can’t stop other people from doing anything but also bc they provide valuable insight. I can tell you from experience that demanding an outward show of propriety does nothing to heal character.

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