Submissive vs. Dominant–which character is more likely to show up for an appointment?

Answer: No one who self identified as a submissive or a dominant person has ever kept an appointment. They all stood me up after texts/emails expressing a commitment to the plan. One person who called himself a submissive met me in a public area, but was scared to go anywhere with me because he thought the people might see him and immediately know what he was planning. Pointing out that there were many people around precisely bc he wanted to meet in a public area did not convince him to accompany me to the rendezvous spot. I have no interpretation.

One response to “Submissive vs. Dominant–which character is more likely to show up for an appointment?”

  1. In my opinion (as a switch leaning heavily towards submissive) just contacting someone and telling them you are a submissive makes me feel vunerable and uncertain. To feel safe and comfortable moving forward it helps tremendously if the role play more or less begins there. If the Domme tells me where we will meet, what time etc in no uncertain terms it feels more comfortable and natural than it does if the Domme does not take control and leaves decisions up to the sub, it makes me have doubts about the entire situation… Just my take based on experiences..


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