Shocking Reasons Everyday People End Up On The Street–By Choice!

I don’t know how to interact within a group of peers. People find me off putting. I only recognize behavior errors after someone explains my mistakes. People seldom obligingly offer why they find me overbearing and don’t respond well to my questions about what overbearing means, specifically, to them, in that situation. They don’t invite me to join them on outings. They do not call or text. I decided to see what would happen if I responded to calls but never initiated contact. All my relationships ended bc I never hear from anyone. People can see I have no friends and I am never with the same person twice. I hear things to this effect. Socializing is humiliation and pain.
But, I can sit on the edge of any cluster of Honolulu homeless. It’s not like anyone has the right to say “leave this public place.” Besides, maybe I have money or something they can use, like a phone. Better to see if my presence is beneficial before dismissing me. There’s so much mental illness, I still seem odd, but not in a weird way. I don’t feel obviously alone among other outcasts. It’s comforting to know I can always find someone willing to sit next to me–on the street, that is, not among normal people. I know it’s not the same as being Belle of the ball, but without a modicum of human interaction I may become one of those people arguing with her cats. Lol.
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