Penis Size– Intimacies Shared by a Male Fan

Caroleena, I read your blog regularly. I was especially interested in your female perspective about penis size. Recently you blogged about penis size. Here are my thoughts on that, from a man’s point of view:

Guys are always checking each other out, in a competitive way, to see how we measure up to others. Penis size is the most important body part we secretly look at.

Infatuation with penis size begins in the locker room when boys start getting undressed in the same room and shower in the same room. This is where the penis comparison begins and you discreetly begin comparing sizes. If your penis seems short, you stroke it to make it bigger. I remember in college our coach used to shower with us. He had a penis that was exceptionally long. It just seemed more manly to have a longer or bigger penis.For a man, it’s the underside of the penis right behind the head that fires off the orgasm. The rest of the penis is useless (ha!). So, if you are stroking a man to orgasm, you only need to stroke the top of it

Male Fan of, August 2019

I am always so grateful when anyone comments. I read a lot of stuff and I hardly ever press like or follow, and almost never comment. I understand that comments indicate a higher level of commitment and interest in the work. I feel like me and you, my dear readers, are in this adventure together. One day this blog will hit a tipping point and a Kardashian will express interest in my work and from then on we will be famous. How often can you get in on the ground floor of something before it goes big? This blog will be my first time riding that train to fame, fortune, and most importantly, my goal of cultural thought change. I want to help initiate paradigm shifting from blame and condemnation about problems like addiction and the things we do to support that addiction to accepting people–not because we are blameless (like the #MeToo movement stresses) but in spite of our mistakes and flaws. I am giving a human face and speaking in a loud voice to people who once would not have thought of me as a human with a mind because we are taught to expect silence from taboo people about taboo topics. I want to help make it easier for people to embrace who they are and this is not easy for me to say publicly just because it is a trite phrase (love yourself!). I am still writing anonymously and I am still not ready to go to my 25th reunion at Harvard with my true life story out there for everyone to see. But I dream!

When I started I couldn’t imagine getting more than three readers and two of those readers were me and my second email address. Now we are in over 50 countries and are coming up on 20,000 views. I know it is not Amazon traffic but considering this site is me expressing my thoughts about sex, prostitution and related topics in a non-pornographic way, I am amazed and totally grateful. Thanks to you all, and especially you, my contributor.

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