How Did She Get To Be So Mean?

People have asked this question about me and have put this question directly to me. What happened to make me so disagreeable. Not all the time of course, but enough of the time to be notable. Obviously it’s a long story. But it took a man just a few words in a recent text to succinctly illustrate the kind of treatment that has worn me down… Eroded much of my natural niceness. Nowhere near close to the worst thing I’ve had said to me, somehow, this text sends more than just the literal meaning.

I am trying to find time to see you…so, please don’t tell me your rules, thank you.

A Blog reader who claims he wants to meet but always cancels in spite of my stated standards.

You see what I mean? Now, having read that text, so typical in the spirit of messages I get, you understand how I got to be so mean.

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