How prostitution taught me that there is a flaw in matchmaker services

Prostitution taught me why matchmaker services can’t always work. Remember, I get to see people’s real selves because no one has to impress me.

I was talking to a blog fan (wow, a fan!). I said prostitutes are like cats. I was about to say “because cats and prostitutes are beings that people can mistreat without incurring the wrath of society. People look the other way, but a puppy abuser would get their attention and wrath.” But before I could get the chance the fan said “why are cats and hookers alike? Because they both go to anyone?” In fact, it’s not true that we both go to anyone, and I know about cats too. But what was most interesting was, in a later conversation revealed the fan was unaware of the contempt in his tone. We can learn about people if we pay attention to their first reactions, but people are unaware of how they really feel and the way they misremember situations reveals how people don’t know themselves. How can a person accurately fill out a personality questionnaire and be correctly matched with a compatible mate on the basis of their answers? People view themselves as they would like to be and maybe even think they are, but often, are not.

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