“VSCO girl” is a style trend I had to learn about via Urban Dictionary, and here’s the opinion of x-streetwalker

I saw that something called a VSCO Girl is big on social media. I am not up on the latest trends and slang that defined said trends. I consulted Urban dictionaries, Wikipedia, other sources. In a nutshell, if a young female wants to have this popular look there is a list of items she must possess, makeup stile she must embrace, a bunch of rules to follow. A lot of effort must go into appearing to look effortlessly natural. Does anyone else see the irony here. Maybe I am not popular on social media, besides not knowing how to properly utilize the technology, is because I am natural. I am just me. Maybe that’s my problem, why I have never been popular. I don’t mirror others to copy them or even approximate what others do. In my research about how to win friends and influence people I constantly read about the need to fit in and show you care about fitting in. As long as I simply say what I think, and tell my unvarnished memories of the forbidden world of downtown Honolulu drug addicted sex workers, I will never make it big. I got breast implants because I never knew what it was like to have cleavage. I want to know what it’s like to be popular. I want to be a former pariah.

Join Online Community–Sex Related?

I got kicked off USASexguide.nl for being an opinionated female inserting herself into an all male world where guys can freely talk about providers and advise other guys about what ptoviderd to see or not see. I understand the site administrator’s decision to kick me off, now, bc guys speak differently when they feel like only male ears can hear. By making my presence known on the Hawaii opinion/argue thread called “Like Beef Lolo”I was cutting off a valuable source of info by tainting the group with my femininity.

I can’t be a VSCO girl bc they seem young and the hairstyle of choice is loose flowing wavy hair, and I don’t know if that is intentional code for “white” but that description seems like a go-away message to me. Where are the women and men like me, those interested, for whatever reason, in sex workers, addiction, incarceration, funny intimate stories, and political opinions?

I thought I was writing about the things people think but don’t say, only to find that people really aren’t like me and they don’t say what I do bc they’re not thinking similar thoughts. Oh.

Caroleena, the Expert Escort

What is my version of the VSCO girl (I need to look up how to pronounce that term.)? Who can I be around who will accept me for my natural self? Or maybe, like the trend to look “natural,” everyone is putting on an effortful front? To fit in somewhere, anywhere, what am I willing to do to participate without standing out?

How do I go from this off-putting pariah? To…
Fitting into a group of sex worker affiliated people?
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