Riddle: if you are honest about this one thing, no one will believe you about anything

Everyone Lies, but it is an action that people don’t use to define themselves. If you play football you call yourself a football player. But if you lie you don’t want to call yourself a liar. Lying is something others force you to go, often for their own good. Sometimes people need to be protected from troubling truths. The word “liar” doesn’t capture your nobility, and the word envelopes you as a person, causing people to misperceive you, as if that’s all you are. Note the optical illusion: the word is also a drawing of a person.

Last week someone told me what I already knew, that he was a compulsive liar. I asked for 5 minutes of truth. Nope, I was asking for too much. He shared, in the agreed upon 30 seconds of honesty, that he wouldn’t know any other way to be. Why believe a liar? He confirmed what I already knew.

Caroleena, after wresting an admission from a known deceiver
Ultimately talking to a list is an exercise in futility bc unless he says what you already know, it is impossible to believe anything due to the liar’s tendency to weave truth into the tale.
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