Here’s how to go from spending time to time well spent

Experience is very expensive due to its cost. What is the price we pay for experience?
Time, irreplaceable time is the price we all pay for experience. And since experience is so costly it should be valued in a manner that further increases its worth. How do we go from spending time to time well spent? By saving our minds from the domination of our own thoughts. I have learned an amazing lesson from my blog. I have shared my experiences and people have commented in such a way as to introduce me to interpretations of the past I never would have come up with on my own. Experience limits us if we don’t share it with other people and let our own interpretations have sole dominion in our minds. When we receive new viewpoints and apply a new way thinking we make our shared experience informative because the possibilities of retrospective reordering are infinite. As long as we keep sharing we can live new lives with each new paradigm shift. Sharing experience and being open to feedback is the best way to build the value of our most precious, costly commodity.

Share every regret with many thoughtful, talkative, opinionated people who are very different from you. Their original ways of regarding your life will be the closest thing to getting a do over. New viewpoints will create new memories. We revisit memories more in our minds than we walk down new roads with our bodies.

New opinions=New Life

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