This Scorpio is going to put the Law of Attraction in Action on Day 1 of My Birthday Month with Predictions That will be reality One Year From Today

Yes, I am a Scorpio. Based on everything I think I know about the zodiac this sign is common among the people who are extreme: very sensual, very loyal, very intelligent, very revengeful. That sounds about right to me, about me. I am going to formulate a list of predictions that are short, sweet, and what I believe I need to make me happy. Now, even if I don’t believe that they can happen because they never have (like being in a long term/life long relationship with someone I love who is in love with me and shows me in a way I understand and appreciate), I am going to start thinking positively and ignoring that nagging inner voice that sounds an alarm whenever I lie to myself. Is that the law of attraction in action? It’s the best I can do. Here goes:

  1. The aforementioned relationships–romantic and friendship
  2. My site goes viral and becomes a household name as I expertly use words in voice and verse
  3. Clear perfect skin and a weight of 127 pounds as a reflection of great physical, mental, and dental health
  4. Owning a home where I live, and out of this looney bin, with pets, and guests, and housemates
  5. World Travel as a way of life
  6. Daily Laughter that mingles my laugh with other people’s laughs
  7. Enough of a stable income to have all I need plus savings and good credit, plus as much travel, investments and property as I want
  8. Relationships with family members
  9. Doing meaningful work that makes the lives of those I touch better off for having known me, especially since my record will be expunged.
  10. Finish writing the song that is the the answer to Bob Dylan’s Rolling Stone

I would feel comfortable going to my 25th college reunion with these accomplishments. Notice how I left room for different scenarios to take place and still bring the goals to fruition. Ok, you are my witnesses. At this time next year we shall see what all the positive thinking and doing the footwork accomplishes because right now none of this can happen, except reaching my goal weight, writing the song, and perhaps doing meaningful work.

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