YouTube Video Post Bus Accident

The only one hurt was the Acura that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the 10 minutes I recorded after we were allowed to get off the bus after it nearly took the door off of the Acura. In this film you will see remarkable racial diversity. You will get to see the outside of the underground dungeon I was taken to many times as an arestee. You will notice that there’s no brewing gun violence during a situation that would invite road rage elsewhere. Hawaii ranks dead last on a list of States listed in descending order according to the spending power of $100. If D.C. is added, Hawaii comes in 51. I know it’s the 20th anniversary of Hawaii’s only mass shooting, which was committed by a disgruntled Xerox employee. Still, pay attention to the word only. I guess people here are gruntled and not disgruntled because there’s just about no gun violence. When you watch the video you will see the lack of urgency in spite if the hindrance to Honolulu traffic on a major thoroughfare at the very worst driving time. The bus driver, who has a flower behind her ear, is laughing and chatting with the cops that showed up. I hear they’ve got a great union and if she’s in the right family she need not worry about her job. She certainly appears unconcerned, but I don’t really know why. The Acura driver is not so light-hearted but if his insurance is in order he might’ve scored.

Enjoy the scene from a distant land.

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