I’ve received no positive suggestions

I’m grateful for the honesty. No one offered me false hope. It’s not the void that devastates, it’s the dream deferred, the false hope. There’s the law of attraction but there’s also the law of harsh reality and that’s the one that applies to me. I said I wouldn’t lie to you and I won’t. I am not indulging in false hope, sending out applications for nothing, all that is over. There seems to be no way out of the burden if the record of prostitution, but deserve it bc I did it. I don’t have benefits afforded to the privileged bc I opted out of that group and in the next post I will tell you why. Since I have no wealth, I don’t have the money to for an attorney to file the expungement– so that is that. Any employment dreams are not going to come true. All the fighting I’ve done to get a profession, and obtain a license in this profession, has all come to nothing bc no one will hire an X-Hooker. Are you laughing at me? I always imagine that people are. I am out of hope but I’m not out of stories. I’ll just keep writing until some kind of end comes along.

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