The Worst Thing About Life and Death Decisions is This

Life and Death Decisions

The main problem with life and death decisions is that they don’t identify themselves as important when they first present. This is choice is death, that one is life–wouldn’t it be great if we had those guides, neon and italicized. You almost never know that the decision to leave thirty seconds later caused you to avoid being in the oncoming path of a drunk driver. People often assign blame to others about what did happen–if it weren’t for this person, that bad outcome would not have happened. The choice for death is clearly labelled when someone else appears to be the blame due to actions that had nothing to do with us. For example, the governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis, lost his bid for president bc under his prisoner release program a black inmate named Willie Horton got out early and raped and murdered a woman–maybe he did more. For all we know Dukakis might have prevented all sorts of rapes and murders–but that’s just it, there is no way to know what did not happen due to a correct life choice. Choices only identify themselves as death when something happens.

Life and death decisions suck because they so often masquerade as meaningless non-events and catch us off guard.

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