Almost Everyone Qualifies As A Felon

People often use the fact that a Person is a convicted felon as proof positive that the person is extraordinarily bad. I submit that there is nothing extraordinary about being a felon. Have you ever experimented with cocaine.–just a tiny bit, only once? If people are willing to admit to using any illegal drug once, it is powder cocaine. More people have tried powder cocaine than not. In Hawaii there is a lack of what’s known as “usable quantity.” In some places if the amount is too small to use, there is no charge. But Hawaii will charge people with felony possession for microscopic amounts. Had you been caught experimenting in Hawaii, just that once, you would have felon status. In other states the process to become a felon is different but just as easy. We hear about the United States incarcerating so very many people, but seldom do we hear about anyone being framed, and we never hear about mass frame ups. Therefore, people are really caught doing illegal deeds. If we want to understand the ridiculousness of mass incarceration we need to look at what’s considered illegal, how the charges are rated from misdemeanor to felony, how people are caught, and what happens once they are caught. When I started using drugs I didn’t think whites used drugs but they did.Totally! How come they aren’t in prison like black people? I wondered. I will share my insights with you, my fellow felons! Just kidding, I mean my dear readers who I appreciate more than they know.

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