, Link to Shocking Live View on YouTube of Honolulu’s Street Sex Capital in 2005

Street Prostitution in Honolulu

Watch this video and you will see an unassuming area in downtown Honolulu, commercial and residential. Light traffic, one lane for each direction. You would never guess by looking at the area that this area far outdid Waikiki in terms of numbers of providers who were female or close approximations. In three short blocks there were about 30 providers working all day, every day. And by working I mean standing on the street attempting to make eye contact with passing drivers. When a driver gestured with a nod and pulled over just ahead of her she would get in, they’d drive to a semi-public nook no more than a mile away that was isolated enough not to have the police roll up, they’d engage in a quick sex act for $5-$100 depending on what she could successfully demand and his generosity. The driver would take her back to her starting point and she’d dash off to see a conveniently located dealer. She’d take her dope to an apartment where the leaseholder traded access to his place in exchange for a share of the dope and sex if he could pressure her into paying twice. They’d use the dope til it was gone and as soon as it was gone so was her welcome. She’d race walk back to the street in the video where she’d watch the cars just like the cars you see driving by in this video, to do it all over again. She earned $2-500/day but she was always broke. All that was going on right there, in full view, yet hidden. Doesn’t the video amaze you?

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