Women Will Be Shocked To Find Out That Men Who Pay For a Working Girl’s Time Value THIS as a Prize

Why Pay a Woman For Sex?

Men who hire prostitutes are very clear about what they are purchasing. And no, they do not use the line that working girls use to describe the transaction–they are not paying for the woman’s time. Nor are they paying for sex. What do they value above all else? A man prizes his own time. When he is not having sex with a woman he wants to spend the minimum time with this woman on irrelevancies. He does not want to spend the time it takes to coax and woo the woman with candy, cards, and flowers. What’s even worse is having to talk to her, and the absolute worst is having to listen and demonstrate that he has heard her. Then after the fact, when he wants to flee, he has to spoon. In order to get what he wants he has to fight his nature every step of the way. With a prostitute he can get what he wants the way a man truly wants it. How does one guy explain why he seeks out prostitutes?

We are not paying for sex. We are paying the woman to go away immediately after sex.

A regular patron of adult services workers

Does a man make exceptions and enjoy the relationship surrounding the sex act? Yes, of course. Just not as often as women might hope.

Does a man pay a woman for sex under this theory? No, a man does not pay a woman for sex. Do you believe this?

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