It takes A LOT to convince me that police used excessive force. I would support the appropriate use of police force during the current protests on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Use of Police Force

Check out the above link and you will find a story about the protests on another island, the Big Island.

Caroleena is coming to you from Oahu. You can find Honolulu on Oahu’s south shore. The Big Island is south and Mauna Kea, the site of the protests is marked for you.

Sacred Untouchable Site or Development Site? Not My Issue

Some native Hawaiian advocates say a state of the art telescope should not be built on sacred ground. I have no idea about the issues. But what I do know is that protestors had to be ordered by the police time and again to move back. The media points out that some of the protestors are old, as if that should exempt anyone from obeying direct orders. Do I sound extreme when I say that police officers should not have to “show restraint,” when dealing with a crowd that can turn into a mob. One time, that’s how often an order should be given. It’s like being in charge of kids. If you have to tell the child more than once, if you have to coax, repeat yourself, you do not have control of the situation. A potential mob needs to be controlled, professionally, safely, and quickly. After the order is given, the police need to rely on the good training that should effectively facilitate obedience so that no one gets hurt, even if they are elderly. If people are keeping to themselves, people should be left alone, but if people are inserting themselves into the lives of others then the authorities must get involved with whoever won’t live and let live.

Police Brutality is Not Ok

Yes, I was appalled to see officers chatting over the body of a dying black man who had been unnecessarily shot and was receiving no help. Officers here on Oahu shot and killed a fleeing prisoner who could have easily been apprehended by the much younger officers as he tried to escape wearing shower slippers. I will never be ok with the unnecessary use of deadly force. But I am also not ok with officers being afraid to act lest they be accused of brutality.

There would be less police brutality if officers quickly used professional force after an order is given once. And only once.

Caroleena, the one time criminal who totally supports strict law enforcement

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