Letting Go, My Response To Another Blog is so Good I Want You to See it

Ending A Friendship I Wanted

Yesterday was my birthday. I know a former friend remembered because she is all about Western and Eastern Astrology, which requires a knowledge of birthdays. I was hoping to hear from her. I attempted to manifest her phone call to me by speaking aloud–into the universe, is what the New Age-y types say. Nothing. Were my vibes wrong so I didn’t get what I wanted due to “vibrational” error (whatever that is according to Law of Attraction proponents), or do I need to let the relationship go because I am better off without her? Why am I asking questions I have the answer to–because I never thought about a relationship this way: At her core, she takes pleasure in the downfall of other people, unless she can take public credit for their success. Otherwise she will root for their failure and take every sneaky opportunity to sabotage them–or him, or her. Or me. I miss her company, the conversations that never stopped, the easy way I can be my hyperactive self without anyone telling me to be quiet or stop thinking so much. But in her heart, she wishes me ill. And she acts on those feelings. I am not safe with her in my life. So–what else can I do but learn–but what lessons? My new friend articulated one of the situation’s embedded lessons, “if the core of the person is bad, let go of old loyalties for so-called “favors” she did for her own selfish motives, and cut that cord.” More lessons: just because a loss hurts doesn’t mean you need to hold on. Not every necessary action feels pleasant. Not every correction decision is comfortable. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FEEL GOOD EVERY MOMENT AND YOU CAN STILL ACT IN MOMENTS OF PAIN.

Just because some task scares you does not mean you can’t do it.

Caroleena, The Expert Escort

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