Men and Masturbation: More Musings From Cleavage Diaries

I’ve told you all before that I have been able to see people be their true selves more than not bc no one had to impress me, people figured I’d seen it all before–and worse, I wouldn’t mind, and I had no one important to tell. As a result guys feel perfectly ok masturbating in front of me. There’s no statute of limitations on being an X-hooker, people think that’s always your truth. If a man knows this and had done anything for me no matter how small, in his mind I owe him sex and I am willing to pay. I may not like it, but as long as I do it, who cares how I feel. But if he is not focused on me, he still masturbates. I used to watch guys, secretly. The action was not goal oriented. No conclusion was ever sought, like that was their free alone time. All day. In front of each other. They played porn the way I turned CNN on in the background. Maybe he (or they) actively watched, maybe not, but it was always. on Casual yet simultaneously consuming, this focus on pleasuring one’s body and filling one’s mind with unrealistic sex performed by poor actors not quite attractive enough for regular movies, imho. To the exclusion of other activities. Well the men I knew were not randomly chosen and diverse. They were all off track people willing to be in my company when I wasn’t about anything. Not like today, now that I am a successful blogger. (Don’t argue, just let me have my comforting delusion).

Do regular men behave like this: all day/night porn and masturbation solo or in groups just for something to do? I believe so and I will tell you why coming up.

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