Women Will Be Shocked To Find Out That Men Who Pay For a Working Girl’s Time Value THIS as a Prize

Men aren’t paying a prostitute for sex or even her time. They are paying to minimize the time they have to spend with women when they are not having sex. Men are paying for their own time.

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  1. Hi! Thanks so much for your comment and letting me know when I’m not making sense to anyone but me- bc that’s trouble! I have been told that me pay providers so they do not have to out the time listening, or pretending to. He doesn’t want to do dinners, flowers, you know all that courtship stuff. Now that I think of it, courtship is an ad campaign directed at a potential sex partner. As with any ad campaign there’s no guarantee that the time and money invested in to trying to convince someone he is the best person right now to have sex with. He might get a “no” which is the risk of every investment: time and money spent for naught. Supposing his campaign is successful and he gets what he wants. With a provider he does not have to do post -coital maintenance (my term). No snuggling, no promises to call–promises he must keep if he wants more sex with the same person. You see, no prep and no maintenance with a provider. Naturally, everything has a cost. With a provider, he gets the sex but he can’t have the public relationship with a great woman devoted only to him. She may be a great woman, but people can’t know the truth, the truth being their connection and the nature of that connectio. n That truth is the “string” when people refer to no strings attached. Strings are also pre-coital prep and post-coital maintenance. He is paying to cut those strings and save himself time, among other things


  2. Didnt understand this one..I think men are paying to have a good time isn’t it?

    Men are paying for a good time, without the bother of a partner inflicting his or her personhood on said good time seeker


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