My 4 Prostitution Arrests with YouTube Street Sex Link

Police Stings Defined

A police sting is when the Honolulu Police Department decides to devote several hours to arresting people doing a certain thing by going undercover and posing as a co-conspirator. The target does the transaction with the undercover and once the verbal agreement is made the other cops show up, these guys in a few niforms and black ski masks. Talk about a traumatic scene! Hawaii is so small the Undercovers in ski masks and uniforms are probably recognizable. I have been in 4 Prostitution stings, during which I dealt with an undercover cop posing as a potential date. The undercover pulled over for me, I got in, and the undercover tried to get me to agree to a specific sex act for a specific amount of money. Two of the stings I got away, two I was arrested. This was in the early 2000”s almost two decades ago. But when it comes to prostitution there’s no statute of limitations on the stigma. I believe prostitution is by far the best he most stigmatized of non-violent crimes, and people will cut people slack for beating someone up before giving a hooker a break. I will show you a video clip of the spot I was standing when I was picked up all four times. Why did I go back to the spot? Bc that’s the known area and literally hundreds of times I got away with it, as did all the women spaced 50 meter intervals the length of Kukui Street. People say prostitution contributes to the illegal drug economy. I say, yes, I contributed to the illegal drug economy. They say it makes the area unsafe. Here in Hawaii there was virtually no gun violence. There’s no dangerous area here like on the mainland. Maybe that’s why I’m still around. It’s always possible that I should have been afraid but didn’t know any better. Even though I got off the street when the kids walked to and from school, and we just wore regular clothes not stereotypical hooker garb, I brought nothing positive to the neighborhood. Unless… I deserve props for taking money people happily gave me and not stealing , but I did steal a bit from tricks that got rough if they took me to their places, which they often did if they were single. I called it a tax and I still don’t feel bad, but I stole if the guy seemed to have plenty, so I didn’t have a heart of gold. I just wasn’t as bad as most drug addicted streetwalkers with a $20 minimum. High praise, indeed. Yes, I understand why HPD came after me and I don’t blame them bc I believe that transaction should be done privately out of the public’s eye.

Details on the four undercover police stings and two Arrests will follow. Here’s the YouTube video link to the site of my Arrests at this he heart of street sex economy:

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