Do You Want to Know Why You Don’t Receive the Treatment From a Provider That Reviewers Report? I Have Answers

An encore posting from the most popular month if this blog, Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii, from elite to the street,

Hawaii Street Life-a Trusted Insider Tells All

You are reading a website that caters to men who want to discuss their experiences with providers who offer their time, which sometimes include sex. You are reading a review from an enthusiastic client who saw the same woman that you saw. His review reads like something out of penthouse magazine. Yet when you saw her all you did with her was talk even though you wanted to do more but didn’t feel comfortable making the move. What the hell? You don’t know if you should feel offended about the different treatment. Or if you should declare him a liar. Or if you should change your ways or…???

The answers are going to have to be divvied up between more than one post. But I am going to put forth my theory that:

YMMV because YPDV: Your Mileage May Vary because Your Providers Do Vary

Caroleena’s theory about…

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