Bare Breasts and A Lesson For the Outsider From “As The 3Some Turns”

As The 3some Turns–the 3rd Wheel, The Outsider

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ever heard that? It is most likely to be true if two of us hate the same person rather than if the same person hates two of us. The force that unites people to form an alliance against a common enemy is stronger than the force that unites three people in a common friendship. People like the feeling of unity they get when they team up against the outsider and they will make enemies of the outsider to get the reward of a stronger bond with the person who really matters. When I think about this psychological concept, it really is not surprising that the couple I was in the 3Some with would cast the third party in the role of villian. In fact, every woman they brought in to serve that purpose left them on bad terms, she hating them, they hating her. I was no different. Today I would know something bad was going to come along if I dealt with a volatile pair, but I do not think I would be able to predict the extreme level of betrayal the two had in store from me, just when I was beginning to think of them as friend types.

Joining up with other people does not cure my outsider status, but reaffirms it. The 3Some couple had an unconscious purpose for bringing a stranger into their bed, one they would not be able to recognize but the pattern is clear in hindsight.

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