Insightful Reader Comment on the post “Mean Words From a Nice Trick and Why I Kept Seeing Him”

Mean Words From a Nice Trick and Why I Kept Seeing Him–follow the link to see the original article about a trick who was so nice which I liked until I found out why I appealed to him. Hint: He was no longer interested in this, so the fact that I was not this made me perfect. What is “this”?

A Reader Named True George said: sounds like the guy was rationalizing attempting to hide how he really feels. For example if a hungry person asked for food and is told that there isn’t anymore. That hungry person may say “It’s OK I wasn’t hungry anyway”
The story about coming to see garbage tells me that he really feels you have some value that he doesn’t want to throw away. The remark about just because he listens doesn’t mean he cares; he is listening because he does care. He helped you out with the predicament, doing something he didn’t have to do; while shrugging it off as a minor detail knowing how important it was to you.
I guess he want to remind himself that the relationship can’t be anything other then client-provider and didn’t want you to feel otherwise….

There are many who disagreed with the mean words and found me appealing for entirely different reasons

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