Hope, Not A Bottom

No drugs? Where’s the joy? I’ll have nothing left.

Long term addict and streetwalker “Ivory,” six months before her death at age 48, doubting the wisdom of getting clean.

If we are going to live with the relentless obsession about using drugs, if we are going to overcome screaming urges, we need a reason. Something to hope for, to believe in. Just as everyone needs a reason to get out of bed, so do we. Except in our experience the only goodness in our lives, however temporary, has come from getting high. Hitting bottom is an expression that doesn’t tell the truth about what we need. And what we need is the belief that in spite of all evidence to the contrary, there’s goodness waiting for us that’s way better than whatever reward we receive from using.

Harvard X-Hooker in Hawaii, https://atomic-temporary-125892413.wpcomstaging.com
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