Transgender People Need To Embrace Truth So We Respect the Movement

I am not a man but if I say I am, people must accept it.

No Other Claim to Re-Write Reality is OK

I cannot declare that I am a bear or a cat. I cannot say that I have no head or no arms. I cannot decide that I am six feet tall and 100 pounds and want to be a runway model. I cannot change my ethnicity to Chinese. Why not? Because those things are not true. And that is ok. There is no judgement that I am not a bear. It is neither bad nor good that I am a homo sapien, or human being. It simply is. However, if I say that I am a male, and I am transgender, which is to say I am transitioning across genders from female to male, than people must accept what is not as though it is. Even prior to gender reassignment surgery, which would seem the logical time to say, ok, now I am this other gender. After all, I was not busty until I had the breast augmentation, and I could say I had great cleavage in those days, but it simply was not so. No one would have backed up my wishful thinking. In fact, I never engaged in such wishful thinking that was so divergent from the truth. At that time. However, TG people get a break from the stark reality that they are not what they really want to be until they make it happen. If people cannot guess that the “real” person’s gender is different than physical reality, well, these people are obviously out of step with the times, at best, ignorant bigots, at worst.

Gender Struggles

I have never struggled with gender identity. I never knew, until quite recently, that people had such issues. Believe me, I have my share of problems, so it’s nice to be at peace with some aspect of myself. Still, I can relate to people trying to make the world inside their heads a working environment. I know what it is to struggle inside, and telling yourself lies, or let’s say premature truths, as a way to assert who you want to be is no way to reach your goals. I suppose people say they are “transitioning” to acknowledge the process. I am fine with transitioning, but you are your anatomical gender until you are not.

Gender Vs. Gender Roles

Am I saying you are locked into gender roles, societal constructs that masquerade as immutable facts? Of course not. But don’t de-legitimize your fight by foisting unfulfilled plans on the rest of us. When you do, you are no different than the people who push their version of facts by saying pink is for girls, blue is for boys, world without end, forever and ever. Amen

Anatomy does not determine destiny. But anatomy determines anatomy.

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