“How did you know you’d never have an abortion?”

Remember the guy who ghosted me? He asked this question after I éf “Are you sure?” Why would I say something if I wasn’t sure. I may not always be right but I’m always sure I’m saying what I mean. I decided in 7th grade I would never have an abortion and I never wavered.

Yes, I acknowledge that I wasn’t in an incestuous family like the woman I met in a Christian based drug program. She had Bourne three boys for her father and her two sisters had babies by him as well. They were from Waianae, a community with a large Hawaiian population. I have heard, anecdotally, from unreliable sources, that Hawaiians are traditionally more open to incest, flexible gender roles assignments for kids, and homosexuality. Those categories are related only in that they are sexual taboos to most Americans. Not bc they influence each other.

Maybe it was easy for me to stick to my decision because I believed it was unequivocally right. I also believe being against abortion doesn’t make you pro-life. Acting on behalf of society as an advocate for the disgraced and rejected–now that’s the true spirit of someone who is pro-life.

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