There’s Two Ways to Live Life Vis-a-vis Death

2 Life Strategies

Death is Imminent–Live like you’re dying, ever mindful that each moment could be your last. Best for people who thrive on intensity. Yogis with Type A Personalities could thrive in this self imposed pressure cooker, bellowing the word AWARENESS to their psyches.

Death is Eventual, I guess. Live like you have all the time. Do things as you always have. Enjoy your relaxed pace. You won’t get to everything anyway, so why fret? If you must deal with the business of planning for your death, do so as if that outcome is about someone else, or only hypothetical and not immutably predetermined for you personally.

Now that I think if it, you might be right about your end. We are all so sure that death and taxes are guarantees. I’ve dealt with the latter but perhaps the former is a presumption not a promise. I never thought of this possibility before and I’ve never heard it. I might have come up with my first original idea, that my own possible death has not been proven! But I digress…

Death–imminent or eventual? Your philosophy of choice is your prerogative.

When you take death into account there are two style choices for ones approach to life. Impending or Eventual

Caroleena, expert_escort

3 responses to “There’s Two Ways to Live Life Vis-a-vis Death”

  1. I have a strange relationship with death. It’s so frustratingly (and mercifully) abstract, and yet it’s the one abstract thought that is terrifyingly real… so much so that I snap wide awake in the middle of the night at the sudden, horrifying realisation of my own impending death. It’s like it’s the only the first time I’ve ever realised it too. Every. Single. Time.


    • If I think too much about death I do feel that same horror. I am grateful for our mind’s ability to repress and deny. Too much truth is just as bad as too much anything


    • Perhaps you are dreaming. Freud believed that dreams were entirely symbolic, that you weren’t really dreaming about what was presented to you in sleep. Just a thought.


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