Xhooker Life Hack #2: Ladies, the less you say the more he will hear

Everything Men Value Leads to Sex

Ladies, men care about what you say if they have to listen to have sex. You, however, have more interests than sex and you are likely to make statements about things that do not directly or indirectly lead to sex. As soon as he figures out your words are irrelevant to the Mission, he is done listening. You have a small window of time when he hears you before he decides he’s “through with it,” as my beloved friend Jimmy, the late Vietnam War medic used to say. “I was through with it,” he’d say when I asked why he’d hung up on me without giving a warning or a goodbye. He spoke truth.

Use your limited time wisely. One sentence, carefully composed, will get his attention–especially if this method is a marked departure from what he has learned to expect from you.

Keep it short. He can hear you better. Do it as an act of love for him, for yourself, for the relationship.
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